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Wishbone Bike
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 Titre casques 

The helmet is a complementary equipment that we strongly recommend from an early age even if it is not obligatory.

Everybody knows that childrens are more often exposed to shocks and falls, especially during periods of learning, in fact they don't have yet a sufficient balance and a sufficient perception of the risks that surround them. 

In addition, the head of your child is fragile, and the acceptance of this important accessory will be easier if you try when your child is young. He will be custom of wearing it on his head and will keep always in mind the importance of this accessory. 

The helmets that we propose are lightweight, comfortable and well ventilated as not to bother your child. They also have special design, colors and pictures that are adapted to the smaller and which make them fun and easily accepted.



Follow Me Cocinelle


 Follow Me  Bee


 Follow Me Bear



 Follow Me Red


 Follow Me Orange


 Follow Me Blue





 Comet Two 09 Red


 Comet Two 09 Blue


 Comet two 09 Black



 Comet Two 09 Pink


 Comet Two 09 Red G









 Cat Pink


 Cat Dark Blue


 Cat Yellow




 Star Orange


 Star Blue